Learner Record Privacy and Information Security Policy

All Smart Buildings Academy (SBA) learner personal information and training records will be restricted from public access. SBA will never share learner contact details with any third party. SBA and its partners utilize a standardized and centralized record management system for filing and storing learner personal and training information. This system will assure ease of retrieval, availability and accessibility of the learner training record without sacrificing the confidentiality of the learner training information.

All SBA learners can obtain a copy of their learner records by logging into their user accounts at learn.smartbuildingsacademy.com Learners may also request a copy of their record by contacting SBA Support (support@smartbuildingsacademy.com). Learners can visit our learning management system provider’s security and privacy compliance page or contact them via email (support@smartbuildingsacademy.com) for more information regarding their privacy and security policies.