BAS Managers Workshop

The Manager's Workshop

Become a better manager in the world of building automation! Dive into the free workshop now. 



Learn the tools and strategies used by top leaders in the BAS industry with Smart Buildings Academy's Manager's Workshop. In this recorded series, we discuss what you need to know to become a better manager. Trust us, you don't want to miss this - your career will thank you! This series is self-paced; here's the breakdown:

SESSION 1: Cashflow & Sales

  • Identify your target verticals
  • Determine your value message
  • Create your revenue model

SESSION 2: Team Structure & Role Tasking

  • Define your team’s organizational structure for install and service work
  • Create and structure individual role
  • Define Task management and measurement criteria

SESSION 3: Forecasting & Backlog Management

  • Learn how to forecast labor, material, and subcontractors
  • Establish your task coding system to measure job performance
  • Define and manage your key numbers
  • Create your portfolio management strategy

SESSION 4: Talent Management & Development

  • Develop your talent management process
  • Establish clear performance guidelines and gates for career advancement
  • Create your individual development plan review and assessment process