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Recording Managers Workshop

The Manager's Workshop

Become a better manager in the world of building automation in 4 days (or less)! Dive into the free workshop now. 



Improve your management skills in just 4 days (or less) with Smart Buildings Academy's Manager's Workshop. In this recorded series, we discuss what you need to know to become a better manager - Trust us, you don't want to miss out! This series is self-paced; here's the breakdown:

SESSION 1: Cashflow & Sales

  • Identify your target verticals
  • Determine your value message
  • Create your revenue model

SESSION 2: Team Structure & Role Tasking

  • Define your team’s organizational structure for install and service work
  • Create and structure individual role
  • Define Task management and measurement criteria

SESSION 3: Forecasting & Backlog Management

  • Learn how to forecast labor, material, and subcontractors
  • Establish your task coding system to measure job performance
  • Define and manage your key numbers
  • Create your portfolio management strategy

SESSION 4: Talent Management & Development

  • Develop your talent management process
  • Establish clear performance guidelines and gates for career advancement
  • Create your individual development plan review and assessment process