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My name is Phil Zito, Founder and CEO of Smart Buildings Academy - formerly Building Automation Monthly.


At Smart Buildings Academy (SBA), we help organizations increase the profitability of their employees through online, always-on, building automation training.


If you’ve been looking for a way to take yourself or your building automation team to the next level. Then you’re at the right place. One of SBA’s guiding principles is to “Focus on the customer’s profit”.


As the owner of a small business that has experienced rapid growth, I understand first hand the importance of focusing on training that not only develops BAS knowledge but also teaches how to “do” building automation in a way that is profitable and efficient. If you are a BAS professional looking to grow your skills our training will do that and our training will also give you the ability to help your employer succeed which will result in raises and promotions.


If you are a business owner, our training will teach your employees how to execute their work efficiently and effectively. Our training will also enable your employees to work on complex projects which will give you the opportunity to expand your market share and grow the profitability of your business.

Smart Buildings Academy Was Started to Help You


You spend thousands to send yourself or your employees to manufacturer training. After spending upwards of $5,000 to travel to and attend the training, why do you feel that you or your employee’s skill set level is the same?


It’s because manufacturer training teaches you how to work with the manufacturer’s software. At the end of the day, the skills you and your team really need are the things not being taught.


How do you understand HVAC (without spending years in the field as a mechanic)?


How do you create designs (without going to engineering school)?


How do you program BAS (without following a step-by-step workbook)?


How do you work with IT (without spending thousands attending “IT boot camps”)?


At Smart Buildings Academy we recognized this problem and we started one of the fastest growing Building Automation training companies in the world.


We did this by focusing on three principles:

PRINCIPLE 1: Our training is vendor agnostic and focuses on principles, not memorization

PRINCIPLE 2: We teach the core skills that BAS professionals need to know in order to execute their jobs

PRINCIPLE 3: We focus on teaching BAS Professionals how to do things profitably and we don’t waste time on topics that do not contribute to the growth of the student and the growth of your business.

We've Been There


Smart Buildings Academy was founded by BAS Professionals for BAS Professionals. We know what it feels like to come home, completely zapped after spending all day working on a 140-degree roof. You feel drained, you know you need to do something to get ahead but you just can’t summon the energy. We understand how hard it is to develop a winning team of highly efficient and effective BAS professionals while trying to manage sales, operations, hiring, and training.


We created Smart Buildings Academy to keep you from living in the vicious cycle you’ve been in. At Smart Buildings Academy you will:

  • Find a vast library of free podcast episodes, blogs, and videos, 90% of Smart Buildings Academy’s content is free.
  • Have access to online training instead of having to travel to training or take your employees out of the field.
  • Have 1-year access to every course you purchase so that you can return to lessons that you need a quick refresher on.
  • Have access to training that is based on current technology. We can do this because our courses are online and we are constantly updating them.

We Help You and Your Team Win at Building Automation


Here at Smart Buildings Academy, we help professionals like you succeed and grow in your building automation career without sacrificing your health, hobbies, or family. Our mission is to give you a clear, concise learning plan and the training that plan requires to rapidly advance in your building automation career.


Through our online courses, videos, and the Smart Buildings Academy blog and podcast – we are creating a BAS learning revolution. Every day, we help BAS professionals like yourself grow in their knowledge and succeed in their career. We hope you’ll join us.

It’s Time for You to Make a Choice


You can continue to go through your life like most BAS professionals do. You can put in your time and hope that you and your team grow through the “training” that they get onsite or at weekly safety meetings.

Or you can do something different. You can stop training using the same 1980’s techniques of five-day in-person courses and “on the job training”. Leapfrog your peers and competition by using 21st-century training techniques that focus on teaching you exactly what you need to know in the shortest amount of time possible.

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