Intellectual Property Policy

Smart Buildings Academy’s Policy of Compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

Smart Buildings Academy complies with the provisions of the DMCA. The owner or the person entitled to enforce copyright may notify SBA of any violation of copyright on the SBA system by sending notice in the form required by the DMCA to:

Phillip Zito (CEO)

Smart Buildings Academy

30913 Vergon Drive

Burlington WI, 53105

Intellectual Rights

Respect for intellectual labor and creativity is vital to academic discourse and enterprise. This principle applies to any original work in any tangible medium of expression. Images displayable on computer screens, computer software, books, magazines, journals, photographs, and articles are among items subject to copyright. A work needs not be explicitly labeled with a copyright notice to be afforded copyright protection.

Copyright Violations

It is a violation of copyright law to copy, distribute, display, exhibit, or perform copyrighted works without authority of the owner. Violations of authorial integrity, including plagiarism, invasion of privacy, unauthorized access, and copyright violations, may be grounds for sanctions against members of the Smart Buildings Academy academic community.

Transmission electronically includes both copying and distributing. Such activities as downloading music or displaying photographs without written permission of the owner may be a violation. Civil penalties can be substantial.

Notice and Takedown

Under the provisions of the DMCA, upon notification of a claimed infringement or upon actual knowledge of infringement, Smart Buildings Academy will immediately take down any infringing site on the SBA network and block access to any infringing sites on other networks.


Created: 2/13/03
Updated 03/30/21