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BAS for the End-User


Once your team implements a building automation system,
Your client needs to know HOW to use it

BAS teams, while talented at completing projects, are not always great at teaching. That's why Smart Buildings Academy has developed an online curriculum to train up the end-user / owner on their new BAS.


Positive customer experience is overtaking both price and product-type in purchasing decisions

More than 80% of customer complaints are due to "poor communication."  Better training can improve the customer experience by helping the client feel comfortable and confident operating their BAS.


SBA's Building Automation for Operators course teaches end-users everything they need to know

Your client will learn everything they need to know to user their BAS to operate their facility.

Here's a quick glance of Building Automation for Operators:

Module 1. A walkthrough of the construction process. It covers design, graphics, and points standards, ideas for customization of the system, and what to avoid. This helps the end-user get a consistent product so they only have train their internal teams once.

Module 2: BAS Basics. This module provides a look at the architecture of a BAS system. Students learn how to pull an architecture out of their submittals or O&M's, and identify the pieces. They'll also learn about talk through servers, supervisory devices, field trunks, controllers and IO.

Module 3: Software. This module covers BAS Networks and graphics, fundamentals of point commands, overrides, different priority arrays, alarming schedules and trends.

Module 4: HVAC - 101. Students will learn about space control, volumetric offsets, air side systems, rooftops, make up air units, hydronic hot water/chilled water, pumping and piping, why we use differential pressure, and more.

Module 5: IT, Networks, servers, databases and cyber sercurity. This module is optional and helps with terminology for communicating with IT.

Module 6: Core, hands-on operator training. Every lesson has 1-2 exercises based on N4, however what we teach can be applied to other systems.





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SBA's courses are fully online, on-demand, and accelerated learning experiences. Students can watch the lesson once or dozens of times, increasing retention of and confidence in the material. 


Each course goes through an extensive beta process with a minimum of 50 paid students prior to being rolled out. This ensures that every lesson delivers valuable insights that your employees can apply immediately.


Smart Buildings Academy also offers live office hours and a discussion board to ensure students fully understand the material.


To learn more about how SBA works, explore our F.A.Q. or schedule a training demo.




Here are some of the most common questions we get asked prior to enrolling students in our courses.


We are onboarding a MSI for our organization as well as upgrading our BMS and controls over the next few years and this course helped me see some additional things that we, as owners, should look for as we hire out integration and other BMS work. I like how this course gives you the sort of 'soup to nuts' perspective of a BMS. Combined with some field experience, I'd feel confident operating a BMS. I felt that this course really laid out a BAS in a way that was comprehensive and easy to understand. The Niagara specific parts were great to have because that is primarily what I will be working with in the future.
Kelly Robbins
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
I would highly recommend this course because of all the resources it provided me and how it taught me to use those resources. For example, all the templates that help with completing point lists, RFIs, BOMs, etc. I can now use these templates for future projects and I will be able to complete control submittals more efficiently. I also found very useful the tips for working with Visio, Excel, and Word.
Giselle Perez



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