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SBA's Workforce Development Program


Many of our customers will sponsor your training! We'll Even Help You With Job Placement.


The BAS industry is thriving and offers numerous pathways for career growth. Talent is in high demand! SBA's Workforce Development Program is a collaborative effort between Smart Buildings Academy and our clients (top BAS companies) to develop talent for work in the building automation space. Our unique training solution has minimal upfront cost (lab materials) and is completely online. Course tuition is deferred until you have a job in building automation.


SBA's courses are accredited and effective, yet our program is significantly less expensive and less time-consuming than traditional trade schools and degree programs.




Program Roadmap


Smart Building Academy's Building Automation Technician Certificate Program will prepare you to hit the ground running on day one.


In just 10-12 weeks, you will cultivate the foundation you need to step into a fulfilling BAS career. The building automation industry is full of opportunity and offers many different career pathways to grow into.


Explore the program roadmap below to learn exactly what it will look like to move through the pipeline, what you'll learn, and when you'll learn it.

Phase 1: Admission


SBA's Building Automation Technician Certificate Program is a highly selective accelerated workforce development program.


We only accept students that are hungry to learn and have the aptitude needed to excel. 


Each cohort is limited to 25 students.

Phase 2: Onboarding (1 Week)

During the onboarding process, our student success team will familiarize you with the SBA Learning Management System (LMS) and will administer your initial baseline skill assessment.

Phase 3: Core Skills Training (11 Weeks)


Phase 3 is the educational portion of the program. By the end of this phase, you will be able to effectively install and configure physical building automation devices.


Click on each course title below to see what will be covered.

Phase 4: Validation


The Smart Buildings Academy validation process is unique in that we utilize an extensive written exam and physical practicum.


As part of the practicum, the student will physically install, commission, and program a set of controllers according to provided submittal documentation.

Phase 5: Job Placement


Smart Buildings Academy will help graduates with job placement with some of the top companies in the BAS industry. Connect with us and we'll walk you through details of the job placement process.

Phase 6: Payment


SBA's Workforce Development Program is broken down into lab kit costs (due upon enrollment) and tuition (payment begins once you get a job). Many of the over 2,000 customers we serve are willing to sponsor the right applicant.

The pricing is as follows:

Lab Kit: $3,600 USD

Core Skills Tuition: $8,970 USD


How does tuition payment work?

Once you get a job, your employer may sponsor you or you can pay for yourself with a payment plan or income share agreement (ISA). For more information, give us a shout and we'll answer all your questions.


Scholarship Opportunities

Interested in applying for a scholarship for the SBA Workforce Development Plan? Contact us for more information.

Why Smart Buildings Academy?


SBA is the go-to training provider for top companies like Albireo Energy, Climatec, and Sunbelt Controls. Our mission is to give you a clear, concise learning plan to help you launch a thriving building automation career.


We help our students succeed and grow in their building automation careers without sacrificing their health, hobbies, or family. Learn at your own pace, fully online. We even offer live office hours so that you can ask us questions on anything in your courses that you need help understanding.


Through our Workforce Development Program, online courses, videos, and the Smart Buildings Academy blog and podcast – we are creating a BAS learning revolution. We hope you’ll join us.


What Students Are Saying

SBA has been instrumental in allowing me to break into the BAS industry. Its very possible I would still be doing HVAC service had I not discovered SBA.
Michael G.
I am brand new to the field of building automation and I have learned so much information just in this small window of time. Phil can take you from the ground floor and make you into a great professional.
Chase F.
Very helpful in getting more acclimated in the BAS/Control field. I've been a medium voltage electrician for 17 years and recently decided to transition to controls. It's very nice to have a resource like this to move me along more quickly.
Nancy Odonnell
Matthew L.



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